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Kenya Wlidlife and Cultural Safaris Model

About Kenya Cultural Safaris

A Dreamland Safaris cultural tour in Kenya gives personal insight into some of the 42 different native tribes, their beliefs and their traditions. Although, most of our cultural experiences are visiting authentic remote villages, the cities and townships of Kenya represent a unique culture of its own. Each metropolis represents an interesting blend of cultures and ethnic creeds that is reflected in the architecture, food, art, clothing and much more. More importantly, many of the indigenous people in Kenya face great pressure from the modern world. Our cultural tours help raise awareness about their challenges, as well as the vital role they play in Africa.
Additionally, a portion of the fees collected by your safari accommodation in Kenya during your African wilderness safari activities are dedicated to the local communities for education, health and special projects to improve the quality of life. These funds supplement the income the communities receive through employment at camps and lodges in Kenya. We arrange a cultural tour to a local village where you witness an authentic way of life that exists in few places in today’s world. You are welcomed into a traditional home to observe meal preparation, familial structure and ancient practices. The itinerary is culturally-sensitive so that your visit has little to no impact on the village and people.