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About Kenya Luxury Tours

From the wide grasslands of the Masai Mara to the majestic wildlife that roams within it, there is no place like Kenya for the classic Luxury safaris. And with Dreamland Safaris, who pioneered the luxury safari in this very region, the Kenya safari becomes the experience of a lifetime.
On the Kenya luxury safari, venture deep into the Masai Mara, a reserve that contains the country's highest concentration of big game, including iconic creatures such as the lion, wildebeest and elephant. Meet Maasai warriors and Samburu tribe members and learn about their traditions and skills, which are inextricably tied to life in the savanna. The Samburu Game Reserve, home to several rare northern species, is another must on any Kenya camping safari. With Dreamland Safaris, the Kenya safari package means days abuzz with bush walks, evening drives aboard comfortable 4x4 vehicles and nights spent under a blanket of stars. Dreamland Safaris Kenya safari is also an opportunity to discover local conservation efforts, such as an elephant research center or a tree-planting community project. Experience nature's astounding beauty and the rich culture of the Mara with Dreamland Safaris Kenya safari packages. Contact us : info@dreamlandsafaris.com