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lodging safaris

On a lodging safaris you will spend your nights on a lodge, with beds and private bathroom facilities.

Costs of a lodges

Lodging cost can be from 50 US $ to over 10000 US $. Different lodges have different prices but will break down the lodge groups for your benefit

-Budget lodges outside the parks 30 US $ to 80 US $ per person

-Mid-range lodges outside the parks 120 US $ to 250 US $ per person

-Budget lodges inside the parks 150 US $ to 250 US $ per person

-Mid-range lodges inside the parks 280 US $ to 350 US $ per person

-Luxury lodges inside the parks 350 US $ to 800 US $ per person

-High end luxury lodges over 1200 US $

Things to consider when Choosing your lodge for a safari -Location of the lodge, it is not whether it is inside or outside the park, for those inside the parks you can consider its location and whether migration animals will be on that side especially if you are going for a great wildebeest migration safari. Location also is crucial for those targeting facilities with crater view when booking where to stay in ngorongoro

-Budget lodges

inside the parks don’t have spa facilities or swimming pools, this lodges by price tag are nothing budget at all but its prices are high because of running costs, so if you are looking for those facilities make sure you have mid-range lodges or luxury lodges in sight

Lodges types


this option is present in the parks but with running costs & licenses it will cost at least 220usd a night for single room & about 400usd double room at this price just basic facilities lodge, you will have to pay up to 350usd for single room & about 600usd for double room to have lodge with swimming pools & other none basic facilities

Tented lodges:

this lodges are made up of tents (large tents) so you have the luxury of lodge (private bathroom & beds) but adventure of camping (hearing animal’s sounds) Budget will start from 170usd single & 300usd for double rooms

Seasonal tented lodges:

like tented lodges but they are specially used or stationed seasonally to follow the migration in the Serengeti & ngorongoro conservation area (locations Ndutu & lobo) budget from 250usd single & 400usd for double rooms

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