Dream Land Safaris

Safari rules and etiquette

The number one rule is to respect and listen to your guide, on a guided tour you should know your guide understands well the rules and regulations and will be working between the allowed parameters

Trash in, trash out. don’t litter at all even biodegradable stuffs You should not litter trash anywhere than the designated areas

Stay in your vehicle at all times, unless with a guide or at a designated area.

Be quite, make an effort not to disturb animals with noises.

Never feed the animals. Our food can cause harm to the animals

Never chase the animals in your vehicle (or on foot!), and remember that they always have right of way.

Don’t disturb other park visitors – they all have the same rights as you.

Don’t forget to tip the guide, tipping is a common custom on safari’s in Africa

Remember that wild animals are unpredictable and dangerous. Don’t take any risks.

Advice for smokers. Don’t automatically assume that because you are in the great outdoors that your smoking habit will not bother the other passengers.

Avoid flash photography.

Do not take photographs of police and army personnel, border-posts, army barracks and/or police stations.

Respect all customs, communities and religions.

Do not remove any natural material from wildlife areas. This disrupts the ecology of the area and can cause negative effects

safari rules and etiquette extension (for group tours)

Be ready on time. try to be ready to board your vehicle at the agreed time so as not to bother the group or disrupt the group schedule

Talk quietly. This is important not only so that the other participants can enjoy the outdoor experience, but also so as not to disturb the wildlife.

Avoid conversations on sensitive subjects, conversations on religion, community practices, politics etc. can cause conflict between the group

Seat allocation changes daily, this allows other to stay on a seat they consider better for the views

Pack light, being a group means shared boot space so packing light is essential

In conclusion, be considerate and respectful to your group mates

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