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Other activities you can do while hiking the Kilimanjaro

If you are looking for some activities to spice your dream of summiting Africa’s highest mountain here are some other activities, you can do that will definitely make your hike more adventurous

Mountain cycling

Mountain cycling is still a new concept on the Kilimanjaro with only two routes or cycling tracks, the Kilema route and the Shira plateau route. The kilema route being the one and only summit bound route for cyclers


From climbing to flying is what goes through paragliding pilots around the world, this is now possible in Africa’s peak, paragliding from 5700m which is the most convenient point to the mountain base or to nearby town of Moshi (the Kilimanjaro hiking hub). Paragliding is no ordinary expedition on the Kilimanjaro unlike other hiking expedition we will expect those who wish to conduct this to have a great knowledge on paragliding Kilimanjaro Paragliding requires each Solo pilot to have the following as minimum qualifications:

-FAI affiliated valid paragliding license (for member countries where applicable)

-SAHPA SPORTS license or higher) or equivalent from other countries

100 plus logged flights

-Cross country experience, including 1 logged flight of at least 50km.

-Medical Insurance covering the person for medical/helicopter evacuation

-Sufficient 3rd party liability insurance

-It is recommended that pilots should have completed at least 1 SIV (Simulation d’Incident en Vol in French/Safety in Flight in English) course in the past 18 months with a registered school.

Passengers wishing to fly from Kilimanjaro should have at least 5 flights prior experience in a paraglide (as a passenger) before attempting to fly as a tandem passenger from Kilimanjaro.

Crater camping

Camping in the crater provides unique visitors’ night experience.it is the highest campsite on Mount Kilimanjaro at 18865 feet above the sea level, while inside the crater tourist can visit the unique bench-shaped glaciers, the formation that can only be found at Mount Kilimanjaro. It is only possible to camp at the crater if you are hiking the lemosho route or the northern circuit route for 9 or 10 days respectively Crater camping comes with additional costs also as it is considered pretty dangerous it will only be done by special request and subject of approval by safari soles tours

Mawenzi technical climbing 2

Mawenzi is the second highest peak on Mount Kilimanjaro. The rugged peak of Mawenzi (5,149 m) lies to the East. The top of its Western face is fairly steep with many crags, pinnacles and dyke swarms. Its Eastern side falls in cliffs over 1,000m high in a complex of gullies and rock faces, rising above two deep gorges. The terrain of Mawenzi peak makes it unreachable but by technical roped ascents (supplied by an individual client). Technical climbers can hike the present seven sub-peaks namely Nordecke 5136 m, Hans Meyer 5149 m, highest point, Purtscheller 5120 m, Borchers 5115 m, Klute 5096 m, Latham 5087 m and Londt point 4945 m depending on the time and season of the year.

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