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Mount Kilimanjaro crew

The mountain crew are an essential group of support staff that help you summit Mount Kilimanjaro. Your extensive team consists of hard-working Kilimanjaro porters, guides and cooks. They provide specially trained support throughout the climb to assist you in reaching the summit.

Porters – carry all of your gear, all supplies, all camping equipment.

Guides – guide you safely and efficiently up the mountain.

Cooks – provide all meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner).

Our Kilimanjaro guides are licensed by the Kilimanjaro National Park and speak fluent English. They are trained to deal with acute mountain sickness on Kilimanjaro (AMS, or altitude sickness) and mountain first aid. Importantly, they understand the network of shortcuts to escort climbers to safety need be.

Size of the mountain crew

The size of your Kilimanjaro crew depends on how many members are in your climbing group and how much your bags weigh. This ultimately effects how much you will need to tip. According to recommendations set by the Kilimanjaro National Park (KINIPA), each Kilimanjaro porter is allowed to carry a maximum of 20kg (including their own gear).

Porters – 3 per person

Lead guide – 1 per group

Assistant guide – 1 per 2-3 climbers

Cook – 1 per group

Assistant cook – 1 if group is over 10

That seems like a lot of team members. Why so many?

Each and every member of the team is essential, our crew size is not only ethical to our crew (unlike some few companies we don’t overwork or overload our porters) but also adhere to the rules and regulations put in place by the authorities. Painting a picture for the roles of the crew, provides you the closure you need

A guide - the guide only leads the group, only carries his day pack & only occasionally will help clients with their day pack should a need arise

The cook – like the guide the cook only carries his day pack, this to ensure his energetic to carry his cooking chores once at the camp


1 – carries client’s luggage

2 - carries food supplies

3 – carries clients & crew’s equipment

4- carries gas stove

With gradual increase of group size, crew per client will relatively reduce as some things (tents, gas stove etc.) will be shared Note: a client can only carry maximum of 5kg (a small day pack), a porter only carries maximum of 20kg as per park rules & regulations.

Climbing without a crew.

According to Tanzanian law, climbing Kilimanjaro without a guide or a porter is illegal. Climbing Kilimanjaro is a challenge and a serious commitment. In order to have a safe and enjoyable trip you need an experienced team of support staff around you.

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