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Camping safari

This is an adventurous & budget accommodation style safari. In this trip you will be provided with equipment such as tents, sleeping bags and mattress on the park grounds, you will also be accompanied with a chef who will prepare your meals while you are on the trip. Camping safari is the equivalent of a budget safari, there are two ways you can do this either be on a group camping safari or a private camping safari.

Group camping safari

On a group tour means you will be matched to a group going on a similar trip itinerary, maximum size of the group is 6 persons along with you will be a driver guide & a chef, so you will be a total of 8 (clients + crew) A group safari average budget is 200usd daily, means if you are going on a 4 days trip your total budget is 800usd this is inclusive of all fees, meals, water, equipment use

Private camping safari

On this tour you will head on with your partner or friends you booked with, along you will be a driver guide & a chef Private safari budget depends on the number of persons with you
  • For a party of 1, daily budget is 450usd per person
  • For a party of 2, daily budget is 300usd per person
  • For a party of 3, daily budget is 250usd per person
  • For a party of 4, daily budget is 230usd per person
  • For a party of 5, daily budget is 215usd per person
  • For a party of 6, daily budget is 200usd per person

Why go on a private camping safari than a group camping safari?

On a camping trip equipment & all supplies go with you on the safari custom jeep, so on private trip especially when in a party of 4 or less you have enough space to fit your luggage’s and all equipment without using the top storage of the jeep, which when used will block your back view from the pop up roof Also for a party of 4 or less we can provide special 4 seats safari custom jeeps which have more leg room

Things to know about campsites on a Tanzania camping safari

-campsites are made of a kitchen hall, dining hall, toilets & the camp ground. All these facilities are shared among all occupying the campsite. -bathrooms are shared and under park authorities, so like any other shared bathrooms it can lack toiletries, warm water & have less sanitary conditions (clogged bathroom drains among others). Note: some campsites have western style & squat toilets while some may only have squat toilets -camp grounds are not fenced meaning animals may come really close or just out of your tent at night “yes, adventure”, best to visit washrooms just after dinner before everyone sets in his/her tent -safe, camp grounds may not be fenced but it is safe unless you go provoking animals who will then attack when feel threatened but park rangers are also available & armed. -there is no reliable electricity on all campsites but the safari jeep will be equipped with charging ports, for you to charge all your devices

Essential items to pack going for a camping safari & why

warm clothing the night in ngorongoro gets cold, so long sleeve trousers & sweaters are essential

-Body wipes in lieu of a shower, bathroom wipes & other essential toiletries, park authorities provide park grounds with wash/bathroom facilities but they are not well taken care of or in the best sanitary conditions so these items are essential -torch, head lamp, camp grounds rely on solar panels for lightning but mostly get off just after dinner so a torch can be essential when you want to visit the washroom at mid night -slippers, if you do plan on showering on a camping trip slippers are essential as Bathrooms drains may be clogged and a pair of slippers can be just what you need.

Why Camping Safari.

Get much closer to the nature.

Camping is much more different from lodging safaris. It will let you enjoy the nature with all of your senses. Feel, hear, see, touch and smell the African bushes in all of the place closer.

Sleeping next to wildlife.

Camping experience is awesome, you even sometimes get uninvited guest (wild animals) come into your camp at night while you’re all in your tents. Don’t worry, you’re safe behind those canvas walls!

It is normally to wake up and find hyenas scavenging around your camp, or elephants passing through or lions sniffing around. It goes without saying that it’s a truly thrilling experience!

Upgrade to a lodging or tented lodging safari

a camping trip is economical but if you are more into comfortability a lodging trip is one you should greatly consider this however will come with at least 200usd daily budget increase for the accommodation.

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