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Accompanied your safari with balloon safari

Balloon safaris can be incorporated into your itinerary during any month of travel. The Central Serengeti launching site (available year round) is a great option any month with abundant resident animal sightings and spectacular scenery. The South Serengeti launching site offers the opportunity for an aerial view of the Great Migration on the open plains from mid-December to early April and similarly at the West Serengeti launching site from roughly mid-May to early July.

The balloon that you can take over the Serengeti causes no distress to the wildlife below, and you will get a completely different perspective of the activity. The Serengeti in Tanzania is one of the best places in the whole world, never mind just in Africa, to enjoy the experience of a lifetime in a hot air balloon. It covers around 14,763 square miles in the North of Tanzania, linking to the smaller Masai Mara in Kenya. You can obviously see just a small fraction of that, but you will see much more from on high in a balloon than you ever could in a jeep on the ground.


You will be picked up at 5.00am from your lodge and will be driven to your awaiting balloon at the specific launching site. Your driver will transfer you where you will meet up with the other guests. Keep an eye out for nocturnal predators as you may encounter them returning from their nightly hunting forays on your game drive to the launching site? Arrive at the balloon-launching site for a quick briefing from your pilot? As the blush of dawn glows to the east, you will take off and float above the vast

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  • Price: $595 per person
  • Duration: 4 hours (6.00AM - 10.00AM)
  • Location: Central Serengeti / South Serengeti Ndutu / West Serengeti/Northern serengeti
  • Sunrise balloon safari followed by a champagne toast and a bush breakfast
  • Easily incorporated into any itinerary.

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