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Things you can do in Zanzibar

You are already deciding on visit Zanzibar maybe after a safari in mainland Tanzania, apart from this archipelago having beautiful beaches there is plenty more to do than just relaxing at the beach, from nature & historical tours to water sports & activities. Here is a list of some of the things you can do

Stone town tour

Stone town has been the capital of this archipelago from the first colonial rulers to an independent Zanzibar & now still the capital of the semi-autonomous government of Zanzibar, this town is full of history and culture. It is one not to miss on your stay in Zanzibar

Spice tour

This archipelago is famous for its spices & its influence on the spice trade with its roots on the trade dated before the 16th century, to date there are still many spice plantations so taking a spice tour where you can visit a spice farm and learn about how they grow and process different spices will be a great thing to do

Visit jozani forest

Jozani chakwa bay national park is famous for the rare red colobus monkeys, you can also expect to see bush baby, different species of birds and butterflies. Walking through the forest is adventurous and something not to miss if you are on a longer stay. It is best to visit when you are on transit heading to paje to avoid doing a detour and save time

Visit prison island

This island also known as changuu island is just off the coast of stone town. The name can be intimidating but there is a lot to learn on the history of the island and how they used to house rebellious slaves on the island. On the present day the island is a tourist destination home to giant tortoises It’s a peaceful sanctuary for this vulnerable species. The tortoises on the island are estimated to be more than 150 years old. Getting to prison island will require taking a 25mins boat ride from stone town

Boat trip and enjoy snorkeling

On this great archipelago taking a boat ride off for snorkeling is one of the popular thing to do, it is done in various areas of the island but the most popular are the mnemba atoll and safari blue atoll. The mnemba atoll being done from the northern beaches (nungwi & kendwa) and safari blue atoll being popular on the south west, but there are many other snorkeling boat cruises you can do

Dolphin tour

Taking a tour to swim with the dolphins or just going for spotting them is a popular activity, it is mostly done from the northern and southern beaches. But it is recommended you do this tour from kizimkazi or safari blue in the south where it is more likely to see them.

Visit a turtle aquarium

A visit to mnarani marine aquarium is something not to miss, this natural aquarium is a sanctuary to sea turtles (natural lagoon separated from the Indian Ocean by a few meters of old reef rocks… but the tide within the lagoon is a clear indication that the connection with the Ocean is open). The release day being February 20th. It is located in the north end of Zanzibar you can walk north from nungwi and kendwa beaches or take a boat ride.

Sunset dhow cruise

you can hop on a dhow and enjoy a cruise as the sunsets usually the cruise is mixed with singing and other interesting interactions while enjoying the beautiful views of the sunset this is something not to miss. This cruise is done on the western part of the islands where you can see the sunset kissing the sea

Scuba diving

On the archipelago scuba diving is done in various places, depending with the place you are you can book a session and head on for the waters to explore

Water sports

There are various water sports you can do especially in the popular northern beaches

Jet ski

Para surfing

Fly board surfing

Banana boat rides & other boat rides

Hover board surfing


Stand up paddle boards

Atv (quad bike) rides & tours

Driving off road to discover the islands wild nature and beautiful landscapes, there are definitely great trails and routes that go through rice fields, sugar cane plantations as well as other farms

Horse riding

Riding a horse on the beach or just out of the beach is something you can do in Zanzibar for those heading to nungwi there is a horse club. Exploring Zanzibar island on the horseback is something great. Picture yourself riding down the beach at sunset or even swimming with a horse

Wine and dine at the rock

The rock is a popular restaurant, situated on a solid rock slab and surrounded water. Many travelers yearn dining here and surely do enjoy the experience. You can reach the restaurant on foot when the tide is low alternatively you will go by boat if the water level rises


This activity is set to start in Zanzibar in the near future with a sky diving school already set up travelers should stay ready to grace the Zanzibar sky’s


Zanzibar is fortunate in having superb fishing almost all the year. Fishing in Zanzibar is synonymous as some of the most exhilarating and challenging deep-sea fishing is available.