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Rubondo Island national park, located in the south west of the second largest Lake in the world, Lake Victoria, it is one of the Tanzania’s smallest National Parks. The park covers an area of 456.8 km. Rubondo island national park also known as The Jewel of Victoria, provides an unforgettable experience for visitors.

You will get to explore the main island and 11 smaller islets, combining the breath-taking natural beauty of a forest refuge with the relaxing tranquillity of sandy lake-shore beaches.

Rubondo island is characterized with evergreen and semi-deciduous forest, which covers about 70% of the island’s surface area. The eastern lakeshore is characterised by rocky areas and sandy beaches while the western shore supports extensive papyrus swamps, lined with date palms.

The park is home to the chimpanzees, elephants, giraffes, hippos, python, crocodiles, birdlife as well as shy sitatunga antelopes. Rubondo is the only national park on Lake Victoria and the largest island park in Africa.


Rubondo Island became a game reserve in 1965, to provide a sanctuary for animals. Rubondo Island was gazetted as a national park in 1977. Therefore, 80% of the island remains forested today. The 400 “fisher folk” of the Zinza tribe, who lived on the island and maintained banana plantations, were resettled on neighbouring islands and onto the mainland by the government in the late 1960s. As a rule, the court passed sentences of six weeks imprisonment for unauthorised landings on the island and six months for attempted poaching. Today the Rubondo island national park is one of the most rewarding place to visit for the best romantic gate.


The area will reward you with the Land and water activities. On land there are guided nature walks which offers chimpanzee exploration, excellent bird viewing and game drives through the dense forest. Out on the water there are world class sport fishing opportunities and superb boat-based game viewing possibilities.


Forest drives.

Drive in an open vehicle to explore the lush forests of Rubondo island, with our expert guides. You will explore and learn about the flowers, shrubs, trees, and spot birds and animals that dwell in these forests.

Boat safaris.

Boat trips will give you a chance to view African animals from different point. Also, you will experience a catch-and-release fishing (sport fishing) can be enjoyed from a boat, from the shores of Lake Victoria, or from Rubondo Island Camp’s site.

The chimpanzee treks.

The chimpanzee treks can be done for travellers aged 15 years and over. Encounters with the furry fellows cannot be guaranteed, due to their numbers relative to the size of the island, but every trek provides exciting opportunities to see lots of other wildlife.

Walking safaris.

This will give you a chance to feel the African wilderness in every sense. There is so much to see in this unspoilt forest that our guided nature walks can last anywhere from one hour to a full day. You can even opt to spend several days within nature with an overnight stop at our treehouses or camps.


Rubondo is the bird’s paradise. A bird watching activity in the area will bring you close to the birds such as cormorants, herons, storks, ibises, kingfishers, geese, bee-eaters, flycatchers, parrots and birds of prey to see including the largest population of ospreys in the world gets.


Doing kayaking on the largest lake in Africa is something not miss out. Spend your time paddling across the Lake Victoria and experiencing the stunning shoreline with amazing abundant bird species and amazing landscapes.


The best time to visit Rubondo island National Park is during the dry season, from late June to October. You can also visit it during the wet season (for bird lovers), from November to March when the flowers are in full sprout and migratory birds likewise land amid this period at the island park.


Most of the safaris in Tanzania starts at Arusha city, which is situated close to the northern safari locations. Once you have landed at Kilimanjaro international airport, you will connect with a road transfer that will take you to Arusha. Rubondo Island national park can be accessed by either plane or roads. Guests will most like take a chartered flight from Arusha to the Rubondo airstrip, depending on budget. It is a 6hrs (613 km) drive from Arusha to Mwanza. Then after will catch a boat to rubondo island national park.


Rubondo Island Camp.

The camp is set in forest, around a sandy bay on to the east of Rubondo Island in northern Tanzania. Rubondo Island Camp is a lovely laid-back place, with guest accommodation in 8 cottages and providing access to a very interesting range of activities, including chimpanzee tracking.

Tent camping.

Bivouac camping is another option for those who seek to experience more outdoor experiences. Camping will bring you more close to the nature in every sense.