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This is a tropical rain forest located remotely in the east mountains in north east Tanzania. the estate is 850m above the sea level where temperatures are pleasant all year long. The nature and vegetation of the area is amazingly beautiful blessed with its altitude, rare plants and bird species, a manmade lake, waterfalls nearby this estate has plenty of interesting things to do making it a perfect getaway spot for outdoor adventures and camping

Things you can do at Magoroto forest

Mountain Biking.being situated in the east usambara mountains there are variety of biking trails passing through the rainforest and the access roads of what used to be palm plantations. You will have to choose a trail that you’re your fitness level.

Mountain Hiking (Trekking). the forest has eight documented hiking trails with different level of difficulty you can choose from, this trails pass through number of attractions all ending in a picturesque viewing points.

Swimming. magoroto has a man made 12 meters’ deep lake dug up in the year 1956 by the Swiss. With fresh waters being fed in by natural springs. this lake is a great swimming spot providing a great experience.

Picnic at the lake. Having a meal on a great wooden bench overlooking the lake can be the peace you be longing for

Fishing. Fishing is a great experience but the possibility of catching and having a tilapia barbeque makes it much more satisfactory. Tilapia and cat fish are present in the lake

Bird Watching. Magoroto Forest is designated as an IBA (Important Bird Area) and is populated by numerous bird species

Forest Walk. With the dense rainforest you can walk through the forest and explore nature and its vegetation

Spice Tour. Cardamom, Black Pepper and Cloves are among the many spices that flourish in the Magoroto Estate. A spice tour gives you an opportunity to learn more about spices, how they are grown and processed.

Camping. This is the best way to truly connect with nature, you can either camp by the lake side or camp by the main house garden either way you will have stunning morning views

BBQ. Every Saturday is a BBQ night at Magoroto. With Beef, Mbuzi, Chicken or Fish available on the menu you can order and enjoy your BBQ with a cold beer at the lake side.

Factory Tour. This tour gives you an opportunity to go back into history and learn about Magoroto. This 591 hectares forest estate has a lot of history. It was opened up by German settlers 1896 long before Tanzania got independence and a long way after

Best time to visit Magoroto

Tanzania dry season from June to October is the best time to visit, dry and sunny weather suits perfectly the activities and environment there, however there are also dry spells from February to march. April to May is a period you should ignore as it is the rainy season

Getting to magoroto forest

You can get to magoroto forest by hiring a private vehicle to the estate however you can also take a bus to muheza where you will then hire a private transport to the estate Tip: the estate is in tanga, a region which is between Arusha (safari hub), Moshi (Kilimanjaro hike hub) and Zanzibar. So you can fit a visit between a safari and a beach stay.